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The people of Itsekiri also called the, Isekiri, Ijekiri or Ishekiri are a peculiar and unique riverine ethnic group currently numbering over 1 Million people. They are traditionally fishermen and skillful traders living in the Niger Delta, a southern part of Nigeria.

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Itsekiri Association of Canada (I.A.C) was formed on bonds of oneness with the objective of promoting Itsekiri​ culture and language in Canada, and beyond. Itsekiri Association of Canada began as a community of friends from the same ethnic group in 2003. The organization's name was adopted in 2006  with it's inauguration in 2012. The IAC has been involved in community activities, members' welfare and providing support to itsekiri communities in our ancestral home.  We host several community events such as our annual family picnic which has been well recieved by the African community in the greater Toronto area. IAC also provides guidance on issues affecting the kingdom of Warri.The organization is also involved with the city of Toronto, other organizations and


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